Events and surroundings

here’s an archery field FIAC (in approx. 2 km) where it’s possible to use a permanent shooting field of the Society “Apiana Extirpe” upon registration.

There’s a Motor Gliding field (Dedalo Association) with a possibility to make flight excursions and training courses.

The main activity of the Equestrian Centre “Le Sugherine” (in 8 km, Bagno di Gavorrano) is a riding school which is managed technically and professionally by the F.I.S.E. instructor Valerie Van Osterzee, though riding excursions, boarding stables for young and old horses, the taming, horse show courses, the dressage and private and group lessons are also organised here. During summer and holiday periods The Equestrian Centre organises “Riding Fields” for children and teenagers where the respect and the necessary care towards these splendid animals are taught together with the first approach to horse riding and all the connected activities.

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The natural area “Le Bandite di Scarlino” disposes of almost 200 km of paths where it’s possible to find all the naturalness starting from the seashore and finishing with wonderful forests situated inside the area of the Metalliferous Hills.

At your disposal there are manuals and maps for a “do-it-yourself” excursions, otherwise there are naturalistic guides who can be hired at our reception desk. The trekking routes which start in a few hundred metres from the Camping will lead you to any corner of the naturalistic area, on foot or by bike.

The Tourist Port of Marina di Scarlino is right in front of the Camping. It’s one of the most equipped Tourist Ports of the Tyrrhenian Sea and includes a Boat Club which you can join and practise the sailing sports. It’s possible to book two-week sailing courses at our reception desk. Inside the port area in addition to the usual shopping and walking, it’s possible to rent a craft for one day or more.

The caldarium: immerse yourself in the antique bath at 36° degrees to favour wellness and the imaginary.

People of different epochs have always found heat and relief in this spring and left the witness of their stay right here on the sides of the Caldarium. It’s immersed in a splendid green pine-wood which contains the incredible natural perfumes. The Caldarium is a small lake with a thermal water spring which has a temperature of 36° degrees and flows directly in a bathtub-lake with an average flow of approx. 12.000 litres per minute. The access is from the heated locker rooms with an inside direct passage to the lake. It’s about 25 km far from the Village, Loc. Venturina.

A spring which today is more hospitable than ever will bring you beneficent effects of the water and the steam which together lead to health. It’s almost a blast from the past, from the epoch when the Etruscans made baths and massages in a unique and fascinating place where you’ll find today harmony and wellness.

The wind will bring you to the third dimension: the flight. It’s not a dream. With a strong wish and the assistance of professional instructors just for a few weeks you’ll manage to glide over the waves enjoying yourselves greatly. On the adjacent to the Camping beach you’ll be able to do basic and advanced kite surfing , wind surfing and sailing courses with qualified instructors.

For those who like the night life, dancing and having fun, just a few metres from the Village there’s Tartana Discotheque, one of the most famous on the Tyrrhenian Shore. And for the lovers of Latin American music there’s Bolero Dancing 7 km from the Village.


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